Testimonials from a few of my clients

After decades of being overweight, I listened to my doctor’s recommendation and began working with Julie to lose my extra pounds.  During my first appointment with Julie, she explained her nutrition plan in detail.  Right away saw how Julie’s plan could work for me, and was eager to initiate her plan for healthy eating.  Julie’s plan is easy to follow.  I am eating real, delicious food, not some cardboard tasting meal replacement bars or gritty shakes.

Best of all, I started seeing results almost immediately after I began Julie’s plan.My waistline is smaller, and my family is noticing my weight loss.  Not only am I losing weight, but I am also feeling better.  I have more energy throughout the day, and I even sleep better at night.

Julie is very knowledgeable and sincerely committed to helping her clients improve their health through proper nutrition.  I strongly recommend Julie to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel better.

Jerry, 72


So informative and encouraging, Julie. Can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your insight and knowledge about Nutrition! Feeling blessed! Thank you!



As a Type 1 diabetic, I knew that it was time to seek help when my A1C reached 9.6. My doctor’s office referred me to Julie Pendry and she helped me find healthy foods that I enjoy eating. She also suggested healthier alternative foods/snacks to replace many of the foods I used to eat.  In the course of a few months, my A1C dropped to 6.9. Julie has also recommended daily vitamins, specifically for me, taking the guesswork and confusion out of this equation. I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking to improve their diet and general health.



When I first made an appointment with Julie, I felt terrible! I was having constant issue’s controlling my Reactive Hypoglycemia. I was having a difficult time keeping my blood sugars level. I also had been suffering for well over a year, with severe bone, leg, pain, especially at night. Doctors had no idea what was causing it.  First, Julie, taught me how proteins and carbohydrates work, which quickly helped me get my blood sugars under control. By taking a very detailed history from me, and listening carefully to all of my symptoms, she put together a treatment plan which included diet changes, and the supplements she felt my body was lacking. Within a few weeks, my blood sugars were well under control, and my leg pain had improved 50%!  I was finally able to sleep through the night without pain!



Julie Pendry with Nutrition Made Simple was referred to me by my primary care physician.  At the time I was tired, not sleeping and had no energy.  The moment we spoke by phone, I knew she heard me and understood what I was going thru.  I immediately made a series of appointments with her.  I began to feel better within days and within a few months I was feeling great, sleeping through the night and had my energy back.  Julie, worked with my existing medical plan and added natural supplements to give my body what it needed.  I much preferred the natural supplementation to pharmaceuticals.  I will be forever grateful to Julie for her expertise with nutrition and supplementation and helping me to feel great again.